There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 AMP

What if this is true?

What if we lived like this is true?

How would that change the way we saw our world and lived in it?

When I recently read Ecclesiastes 3, I felt God speak to me about waiting. We often perceive waiting as the space between things happening; that thing we need to go through to get to the “delight”, “event” or “purpose” we have been hanging out for.

But what if waiting, that time between things, is the actual “purpose” for that season? What if the waiting is not just an empty gap that signals the absence of something yet to be filled? What if waiting is an actual appointed time?

If it were so, then it would have the same value as the “delight”, “event” or “purpose” we so often focus on.

Waiting would not be less than any of the things we hope for, but it would be just as important as those things.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, there is a time for everything. Surely waiting is included in “everything”.

As I consider this, I am beginning to see waiting differently. It is not a time for me to solely focus on what I hope for, although that can be a part of it. It is not a time I have to endure to prove my worth for the promises of God or just because ‘that’s the way it is’. The waiting is a set time for me, a time appointed for me by God.

What the waiting is for and what I am supposed to do in it is something I am working out. I think this will be unique for every one of us and the appointed time of waiting we are in.

But I now see this season of waiting as one appointed with purpose. It is not there just for me to ‘get through’ until it is time for the promise to come about.

This season of waiting is ordained by God. With this perspective, I am determined to embrace the season of waiting for all its worth.

Cover photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

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